How To Draw Your Own Manga - All the basics

How To Draw Your Own Manga - All the basics
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How To Draw Your Own Manga - All the basics
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"Draw Your Own Manga is an introduction to drawing manga and has several distinguishing features that have made it the text book of choice at the famous Tokyo Animation College. It is simple and easy to understand and features appealing, easy-to-draw characters (including people of all ages) and animals. It presents a manga story with a female heroine, and takes us through making the story from start to finish, discussing materials and techniques, facial expressions, proportions and expressions, background, perspective, layout and special effects. It also features interviews with two well-known manga artists, Toru Fujisawa (GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka) and Kosuke Fujishima (Ah! My Goddess), who share information about their workplace, tools and materials and offer helpful tips."

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